Prof. Dr. Turan SAĞER

Our excitement that has started by 2015-2016 Academic year is increasing year by year thanks to our young students. Since 1999, Art and Design Faculty’s mentality is based on interdisciplinary.


In our faculty; Art, Communication Design and Music & Performing Arts Departments are included with sub-departments which are Combined Arts, Photography & Video, Interactive Media Design, Musical Communities Main Arts, Sensory Design Main Science and Dance Main Arts; totally 3 departments and 7 sub-departments are educating artists and artist managers of future.


Our purpose is to present interdisciplinary education that is compatible with Yildiz Technical University’s radical and high-quality education mentality and contribute to young students’ bright future. Our goal is to train individuals that are capable of understanding the culture of Anatolia and Europe, open to scientific research, equipped with knowledge of all art disciplines and art history with modern and contemporary methods. We have 70 permanent and 24 guest lecturers and 13 personal staff and our faculty is located on 200 years old historical Stone Building.  In addition, we provide both local and international programs to our students with Erasmus, Farabi and Mevlana Programs. Thus, our students have chance to develop their academic knowledge worldwide.      

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