About Faculty




To become a worldwide well-known faculty in the field of Art and Design education and researches.




To educate students, designers and researchers that:


Recognize social dynamics, based on cultural values,

Have information about the universal values, open to innovation,

Follow technical and scientific developments,

Produce original and new projects in the field of Art and Design,

Can understand the impact of art and design on people,

Capable of interdisciplinary work,

Have the capacity to make observations, problem solver with innovative intelligence



Our faculty is Turkey's first Faculty of Art and Design, founded in 1997. In our faculty since 1998-1999 academic year, there are three undergraduate departments which are Department of Art, Communication Design Department and Department of Music and Performing Arts.

 Art Department

Combine Arts Program

Art Management Program

Photography and Video Program


Communication Design Department

Communication Design Program


Department of Music and Performing Arts

Music Community Program

Sensory (Audio) Arts Design Program

Dance Program


Our faculty’s Dean faculty members:


Prof. Mehmet BAYHAN (1997-2004)

Prof. Y. Tomurcuk ATAGÖK (2004-2006)

Prof. Dr. B. Tevfik AKGÜN (2006-2008)

Prof. Ruhi AYANGİL (2008-2010)

Prof. İlhan ÖZKEÇECİ (2011-2014)

Prof. Dr. Turan SAĞER (2014-....)