Music and Performing Arts PhD

Music and Performing Arts  PhD Program

Executive Professor

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hakki Alper MARAL

Contact: +90212 383 50 60


Music and Performing Arts Master Degree and PhD Programs




Music and Performing Arts, Master Degree and PhD Programs under the Faculty of Art and Design, are based on the principles adopted by interdisciplinary studies; to be able to produce high quality artworks and performances, compatible with theories of academic criteria. The basic goal is to educate Masters and PhD candidates; under the guidance of qualified instructors, with discipline and try to make them desired academicians of academic world. In accordance with this mission, it is aimed to produce enriched thesis / projects generating an expanded perspective and awareness of space; openness, authenticity with qualifications as informatively, and most of all, to provide awareness of academic ethics to candidates. Music and Performing Arts Master Degree and PhD programs are being conducted under these mission and objectives.




In accordance with program’s mission, it is aimed to provide a communication era for candidates to interact each other during their training and education period and lifetime, to provide such opportunities for real experience of interdisciplinary working conditions by developing program contents year by year with contributions of each candidate’s supervisor. This vision is being continued to be improved by representing Art and Design Faculty, Music and Performing Arts Master Degree and PhD Degree’s objectives.