Museology Master Degree

Museology Master Degree Program

Executive Professor

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kadriye TEZCAN

Contact: +90212 383 50 32





It is aimed to give directions using new and different approaches to museums which are important institutions on representing cultural values in public and communities.



The mission of the program is:

-          To provide help and contribute academically to museums for their development in the sense of contemporary museology mentality.

-          To contribute for the acceptance of “museology” as a scientific discipline in Turkey 

Targets/ Objectives

-           For museum and cultural sector at national and international level, to provide a detailed program that meets the professional needs.

-           To provide proficiencies for students from different disciplines for the necessary competence in the field of graduate level of museology.

-           To provide specialized personnel for needs of museums in Turkey.

-           Ensuring the participation of employees in the program contribute to the development of semiotics of museum in key areas.

-           To develop projects for the solutions of social and related problems in the museology in Turkey.

-           Collaboration with Culture and Tourism Ministry and other related museums and galleries.