Art and Design PhD

Art and Design Ph.D. Program

Executive Professor

Assoc.Prof. Dr. Lutfu KAPLANOGLU

Contact: +90212 383 50 51


Mission of Art and Design PhD Program

Our program is highly related with engineering-designer’s analytical thinking perspective. In this case:


Students with industrial experience in the field of design, art and communication will have the ability to apply their knowledge and skills in industrial and engineering processes. Students will have the capacity to use technology, aesthetics and usability together for the purposes of industry with knowledge and high practicing abilities.


Vision of Art and Design PhD Program


Our target is to graduate students having “scientist-artist” characteristics, knowledge and practice in local and international scale and having the capacity to produce solutions with “intuition” added to knowledge.  


Art and Design PhD Program,


By scheduling multimedia project courses and related courses, students are supported by interactive media to enhance their creativity for the design disciplines and are organized for the creation of design experience working with different media. With the studies and research having carried out in the department which are presented at academic and scientific environments and related papers pressed in important indexed journals, the profile factors are trying to be raised year by year. Our department lecturers are from different fields of communication design discipline. The studies and research carried out in program presented at academic and scientific environments and in academic indexed journals and these are demonstrating the success of our program worldwide. In 2011 which is the 100th year of our university, our program became the most active department in terms of academic publications over number of faculty members. Our program’s success not only affected the country as 20 similar new programs are established with inspiration from CDP, our program is also selected as one of the best 50 design schools of the world by Steven Heller, New York Times editor of design unit.