Art and Design Master Degree

Art and Design Master Degree Program

Executive Professor                                              

Assis. Prof. Dr. Mehmet NUHOGLU

Contact: +90212 383 50 42



  • Program aims to gain skills for understanding contemporary art and design theory and conventional methods to students. Students;
  • Know basic art concepts,
  • Can evaluate the change and transformation and format them to life,
  • Have the skills and knowledge related to the topic,
  • Can develop projects by organizing the whole procedure,
  • Have noticeable knowledge and skills that can create a common structure,
  • Know the property of the material used; thus the material can be used efficiently and effectively,
  • Can combine art with everyday life,
  • Can follow international and national occasions in social life.



Knowledge of the past, the format and skills, today's technology with today's understanding of art, analysis, synthesis and interpretation triple, using the new art products, demonstrating that all of the necessary hardware used efficiently and effectively, which can raise living standards to daily life and art combine the skills of universal principles in line with the interdisciplinary approach, cooperation, have assimilated ethical values​​, to educate individuals with the ideal of lifelong learning.